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COVID-safe interactive Team-building games


COVID-safe interactive Team-building games

2020 has been an unusual year. The COVID19 pandemic caused a dramatic change in the way companies operate. Teams have been working remotely for months, and normal communication was disrupted.

We, at Baltic Motion want to encourage safe team-building activities for companies to generate teamwork, emotional ties in such difficult times when social networking is limited.

Following the guidelines from Lithuania Public Health Center we would recommend following team-building activities for corporate clients in Lithuania.

1. Outdoor city game “Vilnius Adventure”

GAME IDEA: to discover Vilnius in an unusual way, generate teamwork, emotional ties and above all, to have a lot of fun. City Game is perfect for ending a workshop or training day, since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and a great way to get to know your colleagues better.


We will split your group of people into smaller groups of 3 people per team. Minimum group size is from 10 up to 50 people. Every team will get 1 iPad with activated map of Vilnius. Groups have to find points market on the map and complete the task. Groups are taking different routes but have the same challenges.


There are 3 types of tasks:

• Questions about Vilnius/Lithuania

• Photo and video task (to make creative picture and video)

• Activity (to find right answer, secret code)

2. Virtual TV Contest

Bring the fun and thrilling emotion of a real TV Show to your team building event.

How to safely team-build during the COVID19 pandemic? That has been the question in many RH departments and inside the event agencies trough out the year of 2020. What is the best way to hold an online event, so it doesn’t fall into boredom?

Our partners from Kopernico (Madrid, Spain) seems to have just the right answer to that question. An electrifying online Gameshow called ‘La Batidora de Concursos’ (The contest blender). As the name tells, they blend several TV contests to generate fierce competition, good laughs, and a lot of fun, providing an immersive and exciting online experience for your staff.

From their Madrid studio, they use Zoom integrated with broadcast hardware to produce the Gameshow with two presenters, that coordinate the game and entertain the participants with enviable charisma. They use moove TEAM’s alliances to separated the participants into teams, and everybody engages in the game via our mobile app. The participants interact from their own houses anywhere in the world, completely safe.

3. Walk Together

An activity focused on employee wellbeing, team interaction, and cohesion.

Walk Together is a COVID-safe, completely virtual, team building activity where participants must walk to unlock new challenges. It is focused on staff wellbeing, giving them motives to get off their workstation and walk. The game is collaborative and each participant contributes to his team score.

In ‘Walk Together’ we use GPS technology to create interactive gameplay where participants must walk to unlock new challenges. It doesn’t matter the direction they are walking in. The app will measure the distance walked and give players the badges needed to unlock new challenges.

The challenges are custom-made according to the companies objectives for team building, team training, and onboarding process. It includes trivia questions, several puzzles and mini-games, and photo and video challenges that will help your team express their creativity and create a bond beyond the regular email and Zoom video calls.

Walk Together is the perfect solution for remote and on a budget team building. Participants use their own devices and play in their environment, avoiding the risk of COVID contagion.

4. Movespring challenge

Movespring challenge is a long-term team-building activity encouraging colleagues to collect points/steps and compete in teams. MoveSpring is a fun, easy-to-use step and activity challenge platform. This company is focused on making health and fitness fun for everyone.

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