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TOP 5 Lithuanian dishes


TOP 5 Lithuanian dishes

Gastronomic experiences have become a key component of any trip. An evening in Georgia is unimaginable without a glass of local wine. Italy is famous for its outstanding pizza, while the most emblematic dish in Spain is paella. And it would be simply unforgivable to visit Belgium without trying its chocolate, reputedly the best in the world. So, what enticing flavours can foreign guests expect to discover while visiting Lithuania?

We have selected top 5 most popular dishes in Lithuania.


Every summer Lithuania goes pink as Šaltibarščiai, a bright pink cold soup made from natural local products (cucumbers, beetroot, herbs and kefir) finds its way onto sun-drenched tables. Šaltibarščiai is considered by some to be the most visually attractive cold soup in the world, so be sure to take a pic.


Lithuanians are black bread champions. On average, every Lithuanian eats 110 kg of black bread a year! Sliced in strips, deep fried in oil and then dipped in a cheese and mayonnaise sauce, this black bread becomes a moreish snack, and goes perfectly with locally-brewed beer.

3. CEPELINAI (meat-filled potato dumplings)

This dish, which is made from grated potatoes shaped into the form of a zeppelin and then filled with meat and served with bacon rind, is a heavy-weight of Lithuanian cuisine in every sense. Although Cepelinai only became part of the Lithuanian diet in the 20th century, they have become an integral part of the meals served in homes and restaurants across Lithuania.

 4. ŠAKOTIS (tree-cake)

 Sharing this tall spiked cake is a tradition at Lithuanian celebrations. It is cooked by adding batter to a rotating spit over an open fire, and there is even a Šakotis Museum in Lithuania (the only such museum in the world) where you can have a try at making one for yourself.

5. GIRA (kvass)

Brown bread crust is used to produce this fermented drink, which is surprisingly refreshing and not too sweet. In Lithuania you can also try Gira produced from apples, caraway seeds, bilberries, strawberries and other berries.

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